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Portis' Dream of Boldin Gets 1 Step Closer

Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin has instructed agent Drew Rosenhaus to tell the team that Boldin will accept no new contract, and that Boldin wants to be traded. (PFT)

So it looks like the Fitz/Boldin era is over, which is too bad because that was exciting to watch. Rosenhaus, as we all know, has some very close ties with the Skins. He represents 8 current Skins players, which is tied for most in the league of all the players he represents. (He also represents 8 Giants).

Rock Cartwright RB
Demetric Evans DL
London Fletcher LB
Anthony Montgomery DT
Santana Moss WR
Clinton Portis RB
Mike Sellers FB
Devin Thomas W
(Sean Taylor - RIP)

As much as we'd like to say Washington does not need another WR, one can't help but think our Front Office is considering this (even in a small way). For example, moving Randle El and Carlos for draft picks could bolster our draft position and open up a spot at WR.

in 2006, we already had Moss, Brandon Lloyd, David Patten and James Thrash when we signed Randle El. At the time we all thought Lloyd was that tall, big play guy we needed, yet the Skins still picked up another big name. So I wouldn't put it past the Skins to hear Boldin's demands, especially if the Eagles show interest in him. I can't even imagine the numbers Boldin would put up in Philly. Scary thought.

As I've been saying in previous posts, a stud WR will not help the Redskins until they can protect the QB. PLEASE FIX THAT.