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Dan Snyder Likes to Tell White Lies just posted an article on the Bruce Smith hall of fame announcement:

The following is a statement from Redskins Owner Daniel M. Snyder on the induction of Bruce Smith into the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

“We were fortunate to have Bruce as a Redskin for his final four playing years, and as a Redskin when he set the all-time sack record. He’s a consummate professional in life, as he was in the locker room and on the field. He’s a personal friend, and the epitome of a Hall of Famer. He still joins us at games, and Redskins fans will always feel part of his stellar career.”

Does anyone besides Dan Snyder think we were "fortunate" to have him? My friend worked for the media while Bruce Smith was a Redskin, and he told me out of all the athletes he's interviewed over his 10 years in the business, no one is worse or more arrogant than Bruce Smith. The game he broke the sack record, the media all poured into the locker room. Bruce refused to talk the media at first. He walked over to his locker, put on a robe that read "Sack King" on the back, and then waved over the media. My friend and all the other media looked at each other pissed off they had to talk to this guy. "Professional in the locker room?" I don't think so. Maybe his robe will go into the Hall too. 

The very few announcements Snyder ever makes, this one certainly surprises me. It certainly doesn't feel right that Bruce counts to the total number of Skins in the Hall...same as it's weird Vince Lombardi counts as one of the Skins inductees.