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Don't Count Out Kurt; Open Thread

Says here that the Cards, behind a big time performance by Super Bowl XLIII MVP Kurt Warner are going to take this game tonight.

Kurt Warner: 31-38 313 yds 3 TD

Larry Fitz: 9 receptions 138 yds 2 TD

Q: 6 receptions 91 yds 1 TD, 1 rush 24 yds

Edge: 22 carries 87 hard-earned yards


Final Score: Cards 31, Steelers 27


Darnell Dockett will be the biggest difference-maker for the Cards on defense. I predict that he will come up HUGE in the 4th quarter with the game still undecided.


As for some of my early-week prop bets...well, I am saved on the Phil Mickelson bet because he did not even make cut. Uncle Phil! Jeez...thank god the bet was dependent on him playing in the 4th round, so I get no action there. As for the Ovechkin goals vs Larry Fitzgerald TDs, The Big O has a hat trick through 2 periods already. The 3rd goal came on a shot between a defender's legs. Just amazing. But I don't see Fitz getting 3 TDs. Not to mention at this pace, Ovechkin will probably get another goal in this game, if not more.So I will be losing that one it would seem.

Feel free to post your in-game comments here.