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More Frustrating Personnel Decisions from Redskins Park

Rick Maese just reported via twitter a bunch of updates that frustrate me to all hell. Specifically, Quinton Ganther will start as RB. Zorn said the RB by committee is wrong, and Rock Cartwright, who was disappointed with the news, will return to kick returner.

This is all baffling. Why not keep Devin Thomas back there on kicks? He's crushing it right now. In a true WCO, a RB by committee is not needed, but I still think Rock brings an element that Ganther does not. Ugh.

- Zorn said it was his decision to cut Suisham and was in no hurry to cut him.
- Deangelo Hall's knee is "at 80%."
- Anthony Alridge added to practice squad, Will Robinson OL added to active roster.

Stay tuned...