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Pour Some Sugar On Me - Hogs Haven Live Talks Redskins With Danny Rouhier

We decided to put the video up front...brief notes after the jump. 

Here you go:


Some of you are getting your wish today...fewer words from me in this column. But be careful what you wish for--instead you get a video dose of me. Like many of you, Kevin and I love few things more than drinking beer and talking about sports. Our normal meeting place, Hard Times Cafe in Bethesda, MD was the setting and the Redskins were the main topic of our first attempt to put out what will hopefully become a regular feature of Hogs Haven. We called it "Hogs Haven Live", but "Ghetto Fabulous Drinky Time Sports Hour" is creeping up the list of possible replacements.

In this episode, we invited Danny Rouhier, of to join us as our first guest panelist (@funnydanny on Twitter.) His videos have been regularly posted on our site and we consider him to be very much the video face of our Revolution.

We also are extremely grateful to Taylor Young, of Riot Scene Pictures, for his expertise both behind the camera as well as in the cutting room. We probably put close to an hour of show on tape and we pleaded with Taylor to please find 10 good minutes. What follows is roughly 9 minutes of wonderfully mediocre banter.

We had a few good topics but I think we were a little too hesitant to bash each other or disagree. We also were not nearly drunk enough.

The bar was at times extremely quiet and at other times insanely loud. For all you film buffs out there, take it easy on our amateur on-air abilities. We will get better. Or we will at least drink more beforehand next time.

Production note: You might wonder why I can't keep a straight face at times (in fact it looks like I am being tickled under the table on a few shots.) I wish I could say it had nothing to do with the inappropriate sexual gestures people were making around me the entire time. I wish I could say that.