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The JC Penney / Van Heusen Hall of Fame Fan's Choice Poll is back; Russ Grimm is Out

This is a sponsored post by JC Penney/Van Heusen

In late October, we encouraged you to vote in the first ever Pro Football Hall of Fame Fan's Choice Poll. Over 225,000 voted nation-wide. I don't think we did a good enough job though because Russ Grimm didn't make the semi-finalist cut, even though he was a finalist last year. Joe Theismann still is in the running, so we should make that vote heard now that the poll is open again.

Although the fan vote doesn't actually apply to the official Hall of Fame vote, the point in the Fan's Choice Poll is a way for you to get out and support the Redskins players you think should be selected. 

Of the fan's choice results from the first round, 11 of the semi-finalists selected by the Board of Selectors actually weren't chosen by the fans. They were: quarterbacks Randall Cunningham, Jim Plunkett, Phil Simms and Joe Theismann, defensive back Steve Atwater, tight end Todd Christensen, defensive lineman Ed "Too Tall" Jones, wide receiver Sterling Sharpe,  head coach Tom Flores, game official Jim Tunney, and athletic trainer Otho Davis.
It's amazing that the Board of Selectors picked 11 people that the fans didn't agree with. But that's the best part about the voting process. Making your voice heard.

Choose among the 25 semi-finalists for the players you believe should be finalists for the 2010 class in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Go here to vote now for Theismann and not Emmitt Smith.