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Redskins Lose (yet) Another Close One

Is Dave Rayner still available?

Man, I just don't have words to describe this loss. Shame on me for thinking the game was won as the Skins lined up for that botched FG. We all knew the burgundy and gold had to play a perfect game and wow, they were far from it.

The Kareem Moore fumble is just baffling. I've never seen anything like it. Laron Landry's missed interception was frustrating as well. It certainly was nice seeing the offense make plays but come on.

For the first time ever I can say the Redskins play-calling was COMPLETELY unpredictable. Throwing the ball on first downs. 42 passes and 25 rushes. That's what I like to see. 

Haynesworth: We went toe to toe with I guess the best team in the NFL, and I guess we lost by a decision. I won't say it's a knockout, but a decision.

"Strangest game I’ve ever been a part of," Campbell said.

"I wish there was something I could do," Suisham said. "I owe an apology to my teammates, the fans, Mr. (Dan) Snyder." Regarding the kick: "The operation was perfect."  

"We had a chance to put it away," running back Rock Cartwright said. "Never seen anything in my life like this." 

Andre Carter said, "This shows we constantly come back [from discouraging defeats]. We haven't given up on the season. We still want to compete."    

"Three weeks where you're up in the fourth quarter and lose all three of them -- that's tough," center Casey Rabach said. "I've never been a part of anything like that. That one's beyond me."