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Saints @ Redskins Comcast Red Zone Review

The Redskins "stat of the week" is brought to you by Comcast and the new NFL Red Zone channel.

The Redskins lead the NFL in red zone efficiency, allowing opponents only eight touchdowns in 25 trips, a 32.0 percent clip.

Last week in Philadelphia, the Redskins stopped the Eagles three times in the red zone, forcing three field goals.

Overall, the defense is ranked eighth in the NFL, 25th against the rush and first against the pass. The unit is 10th in the NFL in points allowed.

The defense also leads the NFL in fourth-down efficiency. The Saints we all know are the #1 offense in the league. Everyone claims the Skins will get blown out, but they have held their ground against the Eagles and Cowboys, who are high powered offenses. Something has to give, and hopefully it's not another ACL.

Redskins Red Zone Statistics 2009
  Redskins Offense  Opponent's Offense 
@Giants 2-3 0-3
Rams 0-5 1-3
@Lions 1-2 1-3
Buccaneers    1-3 1-1
@Panthers 2-3 2-3
Chiefs 0-1 0-2
Eagles 2-3 0-0
BYE - -
@Falcons 2-2 1-2
Broncos 2-4 0-1
@Cowboys 0-1 1-2
@Eagles 3-4 1-4
Total 15-30 8-25

Comcast is carrying the new NFL Red Zone channel. NFL Red Zone lets you follow all the red zone action on NFL Sunday as it happens. When a team gets inside the twenty, the network cuts to that game. It's a fantasy player's dream.

They don't ever break for commercials and the action literally never stops. They don't just limit it to red zone trips either... I was watching last weekend and they would show any game live if no team happened to be in the red zone. This is probably the best thing ever invented for an NFL fan that's looking for something to flip to when the Eagles game goes to commercials...