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Year in Review: Our Best Stories from 2009

Merry New Year!!!
Merry New Year!!!

Well, 2009 was a fun ride and in regards to the Redskins performance, one I don't hope to repeat. Ken and I started this venture 11 months ago, and we have come a long way from the day we took over the Hogs Haven reins from Will Allensworth. SB Nation has been a fantastic company to work with and I look forward to what lies ahead in 2010. The Redskins' organization has been fantastic providing us a credential for OTAs and training camp. We got a first hand experience of the team and the great personalities that make up the Redskins' roster. Most NFL teams block access to the team except for the major newspapers, so in that degree, the Redskins deserve credit and a sincere thanks from me.

Our first big break was when I got to meet Ted Leonsis. He laid out his 10-point plan of how to build a franchise, which I fittingly compared to the mis-management of the Redskins. That post did amazingly well and gave us immediate legitimacy. In the next 12 months we got to chat with Marion BarryJoe Theismann,  Robert Henson,  Tiger WoodsButch DavisLarry Coker,  Michael Lombardi, Phillip Daniels & Santana MossDarrell Green, Albert Haynesworth's agent and car wreck victim's lawyerTom Tupa's DadMax ZendejasTodd HusakAli Haji-Sheikh, and Bill Simmons.   (click the name to view that article)

Some highlights from the year:

Top Spoofs from 2009: 

Thanks again to all and we'll see you in 2010. What were your favorite HH moments of 2009?