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6 Factors that Help the Redskins' Chances in Upsetting the Saints

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Man, I love the Saints, but I've had enough. The Tiger Woods' debacle is only entertaining to me since it's taking away from the 24-hour ESPN coverage of how the bigger than Jesus Saints turned Tom Brady and Bill Belichick from Patriots into drummer boys.

Don't get me wrong. The Saints are phenomenal, but for them to come into D.C. and blow us out seems too easy. Let's take a look at the multitude of factors that the Saints face this week:

1.) Mother Nature. Current forecast for Sunday is a HIGH of 43 degrees. This will be the first time the Saints have played in cold weather since their loss to the Bears week 15 last year at Chicago (24-27). Taking a hit in cold weather is a MUCH different feeling than the Snuggie-like warmth of the domes. The Saints' offense should be slowed down some due to the frigid conditions. Also, the Saints currently have 18 players on the injury list. I expect that to grow when these Saints' players meet the combination of winter and London Fletcher.

2.) Saints are on a short week. They did not practice Wednesday, but did lift some weights and watch tape. So, that leaves two days of on field practice.

3.) It's very easy for the Saints to over-look this game. Saints are still the talk of the country, and certainly, the win is still fresh on their mind. It's simplistic thinking to assume blowing out the Pats means the Saints can blow out all other 30 teams. The Rams game was almost proof of this.

4.) Albert Haynesworh. Fat Albert is back, and we all know what he does for the Skins' pass rush. The Saints do not rank well rushing between the tackles to begin with, so Albert should add a nice push. Brees is the 3rd least sacked and hit Qb in the league. If Orakpo and Andre can get some QB hits on Brees early, especially in this cold weather, it will make a difference.

5.) Gregg Williams. He knows our team, but the Skins also know him. At Redskins Park players were all smiles knowing the scores of blitzes he will be throwing at Campbell. Jason's take on Gregg coming after him?

"I know he still has a house here. I know where he lives at.(laughing)"

"It'll be that Mr. Miyagi, Karate Kid thing," Smoot said. "Like going against the teacher, you know?"

6.) Trends. Jason Campbell is 2-0 against the Saints, while Sean Payton is 0-2 versus the Skins. I know this stat means squat, but they have beaten this team before.

What's disappointing is DeAngelo Hall is still very doubtful to play. Anyone that knows me knows that I take more of the pessimistic side of predicting my outcomes. I don't see any reason why the Skins can't cover the 9.5 spread or pull out the surprise win.