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Redskins GM Bruce Allen Has a Real Problem on His Hands; Chris Cooley or Fred Davis?


When Cooley went down with an injury, it crossed my mind: "What happens to Cooley if Fred Davis emerges?"...and here we are.

With the movers already loading up Jim Zorn's belongings, the Redskins need decide what to do with their two stud tight ends. Most coaches don't use two TE sets, and even the ones that do use it limitedly. It doesn't make sense to rotate two pro-bowl caliber tight ends into play drives just to please them both. So, in a team that needs to fill so many holes, you have to trade one. Even though Cooley was optimistic that when he returns they could co-exist, it just doesn't seem likely. Both players are play-makers and with this offense that desperately needs an OL make-over, there is not room for both of them. The Redskins already are missing their 3rd (Jeremy Jarmon) and 6th (Jason Taylor) round picks, and I'd think either TE could net the Skins a 2nd round pick at worst. After all, both are better than Jeremy Shockey and the Saints gave up a 2nd round pick for him. I am honestly happy with either. Here lies the problem:


Fred Davis is younger, cheaper, and is still progressing. Cooley is a reliable veteran and fan favorite. What do you do?

If Cooley is shipped out then we know Bruce Allen is running this team. There's no way Dan Snyder would allow the top jersey seller and fan favorite to get shipped. This really is a tough call, so let's look at the stats:

Chris Cooley:

Year Team Rec Yds Yds/G Avg Lg TD 1st YAC Trgt
2004 Washington Redskins 37 314 19.6 8.5 31 6 23 117 63
2005 Washington Redskins 71 774 48.4 10.9 32 7 44 487 103
2006 Washington Redskins 57 734 45.9 12.9 66 6 33 419 94
2007 Washington Redskins 66 786 49.1 11.9 39 8 46 301 110
2008 Washington Redskins 83 849 53.1 10.2 28 1 43 475 111
2009 Washington Redskins 29 332 55.3 11.4 25 2 17 185 45
Totals: 343 3789 44.1 11.0 66 30 206 1984.0 526

Fred Davis (I'm throwing out the 3 games from 2008):

Year Team Rec Yds Yds/G Avg Lg TD 1st YAC Trgt
2009 Washington Redskins 42 463 33.1 11.0 29 6 28 219 65

Cooley started 7 games this year (before fracturing his ankle), while Fred has played 8 games as the starter. Cooley averages more yards per game and to his defense, that was when Zorn was calling the plays (and putting up single digit scores on the NFL bottom feeders). On the flip side, Davis was going against some of the best defenses in the league and showed promise with solid blocking.

Either way, Bruce is not in a position I’d want to be in right now. Cooley just built that beautiful new home out in Leesburg as well. One thing is for sure,

Cooley probably wouldn't want to be traded to Cleveland.

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