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Recap: Redskins Limp to End of Season with Cowboys Drubbing; Worst Decade Ever

It is cruel to the players, coaches, and fans to allow Zorn to continue to be the head coach of this team. An interim coach should have been put in weeks ago, yet all of us have to endure this joke of a management. We all know Zorn was in over his head from the start, but this is like watching a cat that has been run over by a car clinging for life. Someone please put this thing out of it's misery.

Joe Gibbs was in attendance last night to pay his respect for the late George Michael. Why not bring him out of the box and put a headset on him at half? The fans deserve something better than the coaching I witnessed last night.

Punting the ball with 5 minutes left in the game down 17. Really coach?

Not kicking the field goal to avoid the shut out? Really coach? I guess you're OK with being the only Redskins skipper in the 50-year history of this rivalry to get shutout by the Cowboys. Hip-hip-HOORAY!

The players have their jobs to play for, but how can you evaluate talent when you have a coach that has lost the locker room? All of his recent gambles have failed miserably, and I can't think of anyone who believes in Zorn at this point.

Haynesworth and Ken Harvey (from my talk with him last week) both made good points: It's not fair to a player to label him a bust if he is being used incorrectly. I don't think Jesus could accurately evaluate this squad. Mr. Snyder ended the decade just like he started it: A losing team with a carousel of coaches and multiple top-priced free agents.

John Riggins and Zorn's incompetency helped expose the front office problems, but this is not a ship that will be righted in the next couple years.

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Mike Wise [WaPost]

Two years after Joe Gibbs's first retirement, the Redskins did not win a single division game. Two years after his second retirement, 0-for-the-NFC East has been embarrassingly repeated.

Jason Reid [WaPost]

Although it is debatable where the disappointing 2009 season ranks among the worst in Washington Redskins franchise history, this much is fact: The team had won at least one game against NFC East opponents for 14 consecutive seasons. It didn't this season.

Tom Boswell [WaPost]

Discipline isn't optional in football. It is the very core of the NFL enterprise. That sense of both self-restraint and dedication, as well as group accountability, starts at the top with ownership, flows through the front office and down through the coaching staff to players. And that is what the Redskins lack at every level.

Rick Maese [WaPost]

Citing unnamed sources, NBC reported the Redskins sought out NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to make sure interviewing Gray would comply with the league's Rooney Rule, which requires teams to interview minority candidates for head coaching vacancies. According to the report, Goodell checked with the Fritz Pollard Alliance, the group that oversees the rule, which then verified with Gray that he had a legitimate interview for Zorn's job.

Rick Snider [WaExaminer]

Farewell to the Redskins' worst decade since the 1960s. At least the '60s had Sonny Jurgensen, Sam Huff and Charley Taylor. The '00s saw Larry, Moe and Curley running the team.