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More Details on Haynesworth/Blache Feud; Blache Isn't Being Honest

I wish I had stayed in Tennessee.
I wish I had stayed in Tennessee.

I'm sure you've heard about Albert Haynesworth getting sent home from practice Christmas Day for arriving late to practice. More details are emerging about Albert's frustration, and it's solely on how he has been used. I totally side with Albert on everything. This is the same, exact problem from Jason Taylor last year, and I found an interview (after the jump) from when the Redskins first signed Albert. Blache said he'd use Albert for his strengths, which is obviously not true. From the 106.7 THE FAN twitter feed:

Haynesworth is not the only player however beyond frustrated. I also heard 2 players who are not happy with how they are being used Redskins

He doesn't want to be like Kearse was in Philly - and feels he has been treated like a child, not a man

I asked two people inside Redskins Park about Haynesworth and they both said they really liked him and he was just frustrated

Apparently - the defensive "Hot" calls Haynesworth has most issue with - was a staple with the Titans. 15-20 per game in TN. 3-5 here in WSH

Acc. 2 NFL Sources:

Albert Haynesworth was chastised loudly after his sack on MNF because HE and the D-Line called a "HOT"

Greg Blache has had multiple, loud shouting matches with several players over last few weeks.

The reason why Haynesworth chose Redskins over Bucs because TB would not give promise to use him right   

Albert Haynesworth feels that misled & perhaps lied to - he recieved assurances that Redskins would be aggressive    

Haynesworth loves Redskins teammates and has much love for other members of the staff. His main issues is "trust" with Blache    

Wow. I mean...Blache stepped right into Vinny's mess. I found an interview with Greg Blache when the Redskins signed Albert, and he talked about how he would use him:

Greg Blache: "We always try and build our defenses around our players...So our schemes will fit him, but also the rest of our guys. It will fit all of our players...I think [the transition] will be relatively seamless. I don't see any huge transition because of the quality of the player that he is. What we do, as he alluded to when he spoke [in his introductory press conference], the schemes we run are very, very similar [to the Tennessee Titans, Haynesworth's former team] and a lot of the things that he did. The difference is the terminology."            

Lies...lies...lies. Jason Taylor took the high road, but Albert is not that guy and I like it. He got paid $40 million up-front to attack the QB and that is not what he is allowed to do. It's will look at his stats and games missed and label him a bust, but I can assure you this Albert: All the Redskins fans know the real problem...the organization. It's been this way for 10 years so consider yourself lucky you've only had to endure it one.