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Former NBC Sportscaster George Michael Dies at age 70

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The sad news came to me from a tweet from Matt Terl, which was posted at Anyone that is local to DC surely knows George Michael, who was a sportscaster best known nationally for his long-running American sports highlights show called The George Michael Sports Machine. Started as a local show in 1980 called George Michael's Sports Final and then nationally syndicated in 1984, the nationally broadcast show was distributed for syndication by NBC until it left the air following the March 25, 2007 airing. Michael won a Sports Emmy in 1985 for his work on The George Michael Sports Machine.

Michael's affable personality has endeared him to the curmudgeonliest of local and national sports personalities and landed rare interviews. For example, Michael's team at WRC has been the only local sportscasters allowed to broadcast from inside the Washington Redskins' FedEx Field during the season.    

Redskins' owner Dan Snyder, John Riggins, and colleague Michael Wilbon were all close friends with George, so we should be hearing statements from them shortly. I had heard that Pardon the Interruption was originally thought of by George Michael.

Source: Wiki