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Redskins Last Minute Shopping Gift Ideas

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Bobnfl-wasspur_medium Vinny_medium

I combed through ebay and found some absolute gems (both bad and good). I'll start with the bad and after the jump are some cool Redskins gifts, including a Redskin spittoon. What gift would you least likely want? I'm not going to lie, I kind of want that Spurrier bobble head. Some of the prices on these items are outrageous!

Signed Vinny Cerrato Notre Dame Card [ebay] - $4

Jim Zorn Signed mini helmet [ebay] - $85

Steve Spurrier signed 8x10 [ebay] - $14.99

Heath Shuler 1 oz. Silver Coin [ebay] - $24.99

Steve Spurrier bobblehead [ebay] - $7.99 

Deal Alert: Brandon Lloyd Redskins 2XL jersey [ebay] - $79.98

Redskins 2XL Jeff George jersey [ebay] - $29.99

Redskins Deion Sanders jersey [ebay] - $109.99 (no joke)

Norv Turner Signed Redskins mini-helmet [ebay] - $29.95

Redskins Marty Schottenheimer straw hat [ebay] - $21.95

"I survived the Vinny Cerrato era" t-shirts [hogshaven] - $19.99

Chris Hanburger signed jersey [ebay] - $3.99

Rare Sammy Baugh coin card [ebay] - $9.99

Antique Redskin brass spittoon [ebay] - $15.50

Redskins Nutcracker [ebay] - $16.99

Billy Hancock Redskin Rock N' Roll 45 vinyl single [ebay] - $4.99