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Daily Slop: Bruce Allen Knows Salary Management

Dan Snyder hammers Broncos' owner on Shanahan & hears good things [espn]
(He did this with Zorn to Holmgren, which worked out well)

Portis approves Shanahan too [Insider]

Bruce Allen Salary Cap Stragery [espn]

As a cap guy, Allen is known in league circles for not only his creativity in the mechanics of player contracts but also for his creativity in the naming of these mechanisms. For example, per league sources, the contract that he negotiated in Tampa for center Jeff Faine included what the contract called "The I-4 Off-Ramp," providing Faine the opportunity to void the final four seasons of his contract by paying back a significant amount of his signing bonus. This mechanism of explicitly paying back signing-bonus money in order to void years of a contract was a creative and novel idea.

Andre Carter has torn biceps; Will Play [WaTimes]  

5 of the last 6 TDs against the Skins have been 20+ yards [dallasnews]
(Doesn't bode well for the Redskins safeties)