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Recap: Redskins Lose in Pathetic Fashion; They Might Be Giants

Well that was fun wasn't it? With 4 minutes left in the 2nd half sitting in section 306, I looked over to Ken and said, "I'm out." I walked the 1-mile to the Metro and was home by the end of the 3rd quarter. As the scores of other people on the Metro said,

"I don't need 50 Giants fans screaming at me my team sucks...I already know this. I've been watching them all year."

I've dealt with opposing fans all year but last night was a new level. I would say our section was easily 3/4ths Giants fans. No only that, I counted at least 15 Cowboy jerseys. One being directly behind me and taunting the whole game. What comeback besides a fist do I have down 24-0? The upper deck was at most 60% full and the usual roar on 3rd down when the defense was on the field was laughable. 

As for the game, what a let down. It's clear the Cerrato firing and snow storm were a distraction. Can someone answer me this question....why do the Redskins play worse when DeAngelo Hall and Haynesworth are in the game? Haynesworth was on one knee all but 2 plays of the Giants game tone setting first drive, and DeAngelo Hall must have spent his past 3 weeks learning how to tackle from Miley Cyrus. These two certainly aren't the scapegoats. I didn't see a single Redskin show up last night.

It does make sense though. Look at the teams the Redskins have beat: Rams, Bucs, Raiders, and the Denver [Chris] Sims. Shame on us for thinking we could win this game. We're just one free agent away right?

As for the fake punt...

That Hunter Smith play I have no words for. I'm guessing that was suppose to be a screen? How fitting was it that he had no blocking and got hit as he throw it? That plays sums up the last 2 seasons. I had no idea how Zorn would defend himself post-game on that call...well, he attributed the defense. What a crock:

Zorn:  It was good defense. That was what hurt that play. The play was unique enough where I think they didn't smell it out [after the timeout].     

Seriously coach? That play reminded me of back-yard football. What's sad is with the Giants loss the Redskins are 1 of 4 teams still winless in their division, grouped with the lowly Rams, Lions, and Bucs. I had predicted the Redskins to pack in 3 weeks ago, but they fought hard. Obviously the Skins packed it in last night. Trevor Matich made a great comment post game: 


What can Zorn say in the locker room? The players know he won't be here next year.

It might be worth taking that day-trip vacation next can the Redskins possibly beat the Cowboys next week?