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2 Concrete Reasons Jon Gruden Should Not Be the Redskins Next Head Coach

I know Shanahan is the front-runner, but anyone (Junkies I'm talking to you) who is lobbying for Jon Gruden as the next Redskins head coach needs to SERIOUSLY re-think it for the following two reasons.

Mr. Snyder, PLEASE ask Gruden to have answers for these issues (if you are interviewing him). Five straight years of porous draft selection is Matt Millen-esque.

1.) Gruden's draft history. From 2004-2008, Gruden and Bruce Allen combined for only ONE pro-bowler over 44 draft picks (see full grid of picks after the jump). The Gaines Adams pick is still a very touchy subject in Tampa. McKay built that Super Bowl team and Gruden ran him out. The Super Bowl team Gruden "built" in Oakland was mainly in free agency (Gannon, Woodson, Romanowksi,etc).

McKay, the architect of the Bucs' Super Bowl championship team, left because of philosophical differences with Gruden, who clashed with the former GM over numerous personnel decisions.

2.) Gruden's relationship with players is VERY suspect. He divides locker rooms and that is a bad fit for a GM who establishes a relationship with players. From my interview with my relative who has contacts with the Tampa Bay organization:

Gruden used to say he couldn't put Galloway and Bryant on the same field at the same time, which is baloney. If you're the offensive genius that has a playbook that looks like the New York phone books, you can do anything you want to do. Galloway got in his dog house. He ran off Keyshawn. He ran off Joe Jurevicius. He's run off a lot of players here.

He put Michael Clayton in the dog house. He caught 80 balls his rookie year, then he wouldn't even throw to him in practice. He basically humiliated Chris Sims.

Horrible draft history of Gruden after the jump...

Tampa Bay draft history with Bruce Allen and Jon Gruden:

Note: It was known that Gruden was the one making all the picks. Bruce's philosophy is to support the coach.








Aqib Talib

Gaines Adams

Davin Joseph

Carnell Williams

Michael Clayton


Dexter Jackson

Arron Sears

Sabby Piscitelli

Jeremy Trueblood

Barrett Ruud



Jeremy Zuttah

Quincy Black

Maurice Stovall

Alex Smith (TE)
Chris Colmer

Marquis Cooper


Dre Moore

Tanard Jackson

Alan Zemaitis

Dan Buenning

Will Allen


Josh Johnson

Greg Peterson

Julian Jenkins

Donte Nicholson
Larry Brackins

Jeb Terry


Geno Hayes

Adam Hayward

Bruce Gradkowski

T.J. Williams

Anthony Bryant

Nate Lawrie


Cory Boyd

Chris Denman

Marcus Hamilton

Justin Phinisee
Charles Bennett
Tim Massaquoi

Rick Razzano
Paris Warren
Hamza Abdullah

J.R. Russell

Mark Jones

Bolded names are pro-bowlers.