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Ken Harvey Talks About Redskins' Brian Orakpo at DE/LB

Ken Harvey laying the thunder. Image via <a href=""></a>
Ken Harvey laying the thunder. Image via

I am certainly ready for some non-Bruce Allen/Vinny Cerrato discussions. You? A big tailgating topic is why haven't the Redskins moved Orakpo to DE full-time? Ken Harvey and I spoke earlier about his personal experiences and thoughts yesterday:

Ken Harvey: In Arizona when I was drafted, all my career [at the University of California] I was a pass rusher . It's all I did. That's how I made my name, and I assumed that's why they drafted me. I get to the pros, and they say "Well, you don't look big enough to be a linebacker. We're going to make you a 3rd down cover guy." I've never covered in my life. Didn't know how to cover. I get to practice and people are juking me off my feet. Because I had a decent 40 time, they said "he's suppose to cover somebody." So all of a sudden, I made a purpose intentionally every day in practice to beat their offensive line so they knew I was a pass rusher. Because if I didn't, they would have made me a 3rd down cover guy saying "he can't cover anybody" and my career would have been over with. I would have been labeled a bust. Once you get a title with you, that title goes with you everywhere you go. That decision could have ruined my career had I not destroyed their offensive line in practice all the time.

Awesome that my recorder crapped out for this next part, but we next talked about Orakpo. I asked him about what all fans think: Why not have Orakpo play every down as DE?

Harvey mentioned that there is a beating the body endures consistently taking on 300 pound run blockers. Having him as LB reduces that punishment while also increases the number of blitz schemes and rushing lanes for Orakpo (since he is moved around). We saw this against Oakland since two of his sacks were from the LB position. Orakpo last week laughed in an interview when asked if he was too small to play DE full-time. It's clear Orakpo, like Ken Harvey, wants to go after the QB. With Ken's success at LB, no one will hear me complaining anymore about how the Redskins are using Orakpo.

Ken Harvey: That game against Oakland was every Linebacker's dream. Banged up line. Quarterback that doesn't know what he's doing.

Kevin: So you would have gotten four sacks?

Ken Harvey: (with a big smile) "I woulda had five!"

Ken Harvey: 6'2" 237 lbs.
Brian Orakpo: 6'3" 260 lbs.

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