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Understanding Redskins' new GM Bruce Allen's Role; It's Not a Draft Expert

I don't know about you, but the party is not stopping for me until Tuesday morning. In a moment of clarity, I decided to dive deep into Bruce Allen's past to see exactly what the Redskins are getting. First off, it's nice having someone that is personable that doesn't make me want to gauge my eyes out when he talks. When there is a plan in place, Bruce is someone who will communicate it to the fans. Second, I was under the impression the Bucs horrible run in Tampa was his fault. That would be inaccurate. Bruce is not a talent evaluator...he relies on his coach and scouts to make draft picks. Instead, he is a free agent and salary cap guy.

Bruce has held a similar role the last 20 years from his time with the Raiders and Buccaneers. Bruce Allen commented on his style when he was in Oakland:

Bruce Allen: "We have always believed the players really manage it. When we wanted to sign extra players last year, we went to our current players and told them what we needed to do, and they worked with us to free up room. We have a constant dialogue with our veterans about what we want to accomplish."

    Mike Lombardi added his expertise on Allen's style:

Mike Lombardi: "Obviously the coach has a lot of say in what [Allen] runs. Y'know, Bruce doesn't bring the offense or the defense to the team. It just becomes a situation where the coach -- say, with Jon [Gruden], it was a West Coast Offense -- and Bruce has great respect for coaches, and he values their opinions and he values their input."

So, the Redskins draft picks will be HEAVILY influenced by Dan Snyder the Redskins' next head coach. I had a family member who worked in the Tampa Bay organization, and it was well known that Gruden was making all the draft decisions throughout the decade. After the jump, I highlight Bruce Allen's 3 best/worst moves as GM for the Bucs, and his free agent moves that led to the Oakland Super Bowl run.

Rod Woodson, who was signed by Bruce in Oakland, talked about Bruce's fearlessness:

Rod Woodson: He knows football. He's not scared to cut players who need to be cut.    

Looks like the over-priced free-agent train is about to hit it's final stop. 2009. 

Bruce's resume in Oakland:

Allen, whose official title is senior assistant, was recognized for his deft ability to manage the salary cap last offseason, when the Raiders brought in a number of over-30 veteran stars to upgrade their roster. With the addition of players such as Rod Woodson, Bill Romanowski, Sam Adams and John Parrella, the Raiders won the AFC title before losing to the Bucs in Super Bowl 37.    

"Bruce has done a magnificent job managing the cap," says Charley Casserly, the Texans' general manager. "He is continually maneuvering the cap to keep the Raiders in contention."    

Upon Allen and Gruden's firing, listed Bruce Allen's 5 Best and Worst moves:


5 Best

5 Worst


Traded Keyshawn Johnson for Joey Galloway

Signed big contracts to veterans past their prime: RB Charlie Garner, OL Todd Steussie, OL Derrick Deese


Signed Antonio Bryant who was out of the NFL

Giving QB Chris Simms a two-year contract with $5 million guaranteed after he suffered a ruptured spleen in 2006



Signed Jeff Garcia who played for 2 seasons

Entire draft from 2004-2009. (a separate post coming shortly on this)


Left the salary cap in a good position cutting ties with past their prime veterans


Signed Greg White from the Arena Legaue