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Vinny Cerrato Given the Pink Slip; Redskins Waiting List Back


We all know the reality; Vinny Cerrato was fired. Cerrato has been getting publicly bashed by some of the most respected names in the industry, Charley Casserly, Steve Largent and Mike Holmgren included. It had gotten to the point where Snyder was unable to recruit coaches because of Cerrato's presence and that is exactly what it is.

The Redskins have found their new coach/GM and his condition is that Cerrato is gone. As PFT mentioned, Holmgren makes a lot of sense. He has an affinity for Zorn and the WCO pieces are in place...assuming of course is allowed to keep a role in D.C.

In addition, Mr. Snyder's popularity had reached lows lower than Tiger Woods. He knew this move would restore parts of his fan base and cash train popularity. All I can say is rejoice Redskins Nation. The Revolution has come full circle. The tailgating parties on Monday night are going to be at Super Bowl levels.

Update: [Official Redskins Press Release]