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Daily Slop: Redskins Off the Hook for Haynesworth Tampering

Redskins vs Cowboys game won't shift [WaTimes]

Portis talked about Tiger Woods [Bog]

D'Anthony Batiste cut [fanball]

NFL rules no tampering for Haynesworth []

Redskins playing time vs OAK [WaTimes]
(ARE's plays are down, I didn't notice Marko out there 4 times)

Portis confident he's playing next year [espn]

"I don't think for one second this could be career-ending."    

Giants have some key injuries this week from Eagles game []
(More to come on this later today with my chat with Big Blue View)

Devin Thomas to get a lot more work on MNF [Insider]
(Kickoff, punting)

Zorn answers our lingering Randle El touchdown [Insider]

"As a coach, you've just got to have the comfort level. That's why I had Antwaan in there. You know, I had a comfort level, and it proved to be a little of a backfire, but that doesn't' mean he's not gonna catch the next 10 in a row. It's just at that particular moment, it was a bad deal."

Roy Williams thinks the Cowboys will beat the Saints [espn]

J.P. Losman signs with Raiders [espn]