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Pro/Con List to Help the Redskins Front Office Decide on Jason Campbell

Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato have a real problem right now: Jason Campbell is playing too good.

That final interception in the Saints game still stings, but it's clear Campbell provides the best chance for the Redskins to make the playoffs next year. Since Campbell is the most coveted free agent QB next year, doesn't that mean the spend-freely Redskins should automatically resign him? They always sign the best!!! Sigh.

Well, whoever is the QB next year has two glaring problems: there is no RT or LT. Chris Samuels is likely retiring and Stephon Heyer is not even close to holding up that right side. That means the Skins need to get TWO tackles in FA or the draft. Obviously, we'd all love to see a Tackle drafted with the first pick, but if they didn't, who is going to protect this QB? If the Redskins thought Rinehart, Heyer, and Mike Williams were good enough to play, then Levi Jones must be the second coming of Walter Jones. I do like Levi Jones and think he could hold down that left-side next year, but his play so far this year will attract a lot of teams. Tackles aside, I really question if Snyder has already decided to let JC walk. So, in the means of allowing Snyder to accurately assess the situation, I've decided to help the front office in their decision to cut/keep Campbell with this Pro/Con list. If there's any I have missed, please comment below and I'll add to the matrix. 



- He can take a hit

- Can't slide

- Person of character (Joe Gibbs always talked about)

- Doesn't sell the # of jerseys a Clausen/McCoy would

- Passer rating this year:  90.0

- Misses open reads at times

- Has the players' full support

- Ranked 5th with 33 most sacks (certainly the OLine takes some blame here)

- Tied for 8th in Compl% at 65.3 (with Tom Brady)

- Has trouble winning games late in the 4th when the Skins are tied or down 1 score.

- Tied for 14th in passing TDs (17) with Carson Palmer


- Has never complained about playing behind the 2nd worst offensive line in the NFL...for 21 straight games


- Dates a beauty pageant queen


- Well established in the community


- Continued to play well despite losing his best pass blocker (Samuels) and favorite pass target (Cooley)


- Has never called out another player or coach despite the many bad losses


- Chooses to spend his off-season in Ashburn working with teammates


- Draftable QB valuations may be higher now that Locker has decided to stay in Washington for his last year     





Of course there is also this likelihood: Jason's outstanding play will only increase the draft pick the Redskins would get from a team if he's a restricted free agent in an uncapped year. It's hard, if not impossible, to find quality tackles in the mid-late rounds. Please address the Oline for whatever QB comes in. Extend Jason now before he hits free agency.