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Redskins IR list isn't the Worst in the NFL; Cerrato Still Making Mistakes

The Redskins are obviously decimated by injuries, but I couldn't help but think. Is it really just bad luck? Of course not.

I reviewed the Injury reports for all 32 teams, which I included after the jump. The majority of the NFL has between 2-5 players on their IR, while the Redskins are tied with 3 other teams that have 9 shelved. Amazingly, there are 3 teams with more IR injuries, one of which being the UNDEFEATED Saints. So what's the big difference? Cerrato prefers to plug holes with practice squad players while the Saints add veterans.

The Saints have been crushed with secondary injuries, including: Tracy Porter, Jabari Greer, Randall Gay, and Leigh Torrence.  With the additions of Mike McKenzie and Chris McAllister the last two weeks, the Saints continue marching on. It helps their offense is #1 in the league, but let's be real. Their defense did an excellent job of shutting down the Pats and the D has had to carry their weight in a couple games (Rams most notably).

So what does this have to do with anything? Well, when the Redskins take on injuries, the Front Office starts nabbing other teams' practice squad, journey men players (usually undrafted free agents). The Saints on the other hand pick up veterans who have played the game and can be productive immediately. Take a look at the Redskins Offensive Line roster from the beginning of THIS year. There are STILL two OL that the Redskins grabbed from other practice squads in December of 2008 when Samuels went down (D'Anthony Batiste and Will Montgomery) . Vinny, this is your idea of building an OLine? I mean, what talent can be left in December of a season from all the teams hitting the practice squad pools? 

OK, back to 2009. Levi Jones has been playing well, but I start to think to myself, why wasn't Pete Kendall brought back in? Why not a Jon Runyan on the right side? These practice squad players are going to get Jason Campbell killed and their mistakes (false starts/blown blocks) have cost numerous drives and games.

The argument can be made: "Well, the majority of the Redskins injuries are pro-bowlers: Chris Samuels, Chris Cooley, Randy Thomas, and Clinton Portis."

This argument is ridiculous because as fans we knew it was more likely than not these players wouldn't make it all season (save for Cooley). The fans, who are not the ones at Redskins Park EVERY day evaluating our own talent, knew these players wouldn't make it all season, yet the front office refused to build depth where it was most needed.

Undrafted rookie free agents, not veterans, are now being asked to protect the Quarterback. It's so ass backwards. Mr. Snyder, please do the right thing and give your Executive VP of Football Operations and former ND scout the same fate Charlie Weis just faced.

Team Injured Reserve* Other ** Total
Detroit Lions 12 7 19
Tampa Bay Bucs 11 3 14
New Orleans Saints 10 9 19
Washington Redskins 9 7 16
Cleveland Browns 9 5 14
Green Bay Packers 9 3 12
Baltimore Ravens 9 3 12
Carolina Panthers 8 7 15
Buffalo Bills 7 8 15
Houston Texans 7 2 9

Philly Eagles 5 10 15
NY Giants 4 5 9
Dallas Cowboys 3 4 7

TEN Titans 1 (Punter) 3 4
MIN Vikings 0 2 2


IR: Includes IR, Out for Season
**Other: Includes Probable, Questionable, Doubtful, Out Indefinitely