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Daily Slop: Zorn Gets Fired Up

Coach Zorn "went off" on players at half time [Insider]

DeAngelo Hall blames ATL coaches for cussing him out [DP]
(I doubt Hall's credibility will win over Goodell in his formal complaint)

Mike Wise: Prepare yourself for a 2-12 record [WaPost]

Join Redskins at Morton's in Reston, VA tonight [Mortons]

Tony Dungy: Vick to Buffalo? [espn]

Boldin pissed off about being deactivated [nfl]


A lot of points to make about the Skins game. I was on a flight back from Aruba from a friend's wedding last night and ironically had a 2-hour layover in Atlanta. My plane back to DCA was probably 1/3 full of people in Redskins gear. I talked to a bunch of them and they said that the Georgia Dome was probably 1/4 Redskins fans. That is quite impressive. Everyone I talked to traveled down to Atlanta just for the game. Redskins fans...I applaud you.

It is quite depressing to see the Redskins start so flat after 2 weeks off to prepare for this game. Personal fouls, missed tackles, and the offsides penalties are inexcusable and show a lack of coaching from Greg Blache. This has been going on for months now, yet week in and week out the discipline never gets corrected. I really shouldn't be so surprised, this is what 2-6 teams do.