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Daily Slop: Bookies Announce Odds for Next Redskins Coach

Hogs Haven's Ken Meringolo joins the hosts of the drive-time sports talk radio show in Tampa Bay this evening at 6:15. Right now we have no idea how to stream it but we are looking into it.

Cooley's Pottery Charity Event moved to 11/30 [cooleyzone]

Albert Haynesworth wins dirtiest defensive player award [WaTimes]

Redskins try out Jeff Rowe [real redskins]
(Note: This doesn't necessarily mean he'd be signed, just building a file for talent given the Skins only have 2 active QBs)

Seahawks cut Edgerrin James []

Chris Johnson thinks the Titans can win out []

Browns fire GM, Mangini not happy [espn]
(Browns might be more dysfunctional than the Redskins & Raiders)

Company launches stock market for Sports [Tirgus]
(All the teams are between 0.05 and 0.10 cents...interesting though)

NFL's global domination, now into Latino markets begins []

Fedex Field gets average fan experience ranking []
(Pretty accurate review of Fedex: "nothing to write home about")

"Darth Snyder" shirts now pop-up for sale []

Bookies announces odds for new Redskins Coach [play blackjack]
(Tough call....but I'd take Sherm Lewis at +3000). Realistically, Jon Gruden and his GM of choice, Bruce Allen, are  a very likely scenario though.

Head Coach Odds Payoff Explanation
Jon Gruden +200 Bet $100 to win $200
Mike Shanahan +300 Bet $100 to win $300
Bill Cowher +400 Bet $100 to win $400
Tony Dungy +500 Bet $100 to win $500
Mike Holmgren +600 Bet $100 to win $600
Herman Edwards +700 Bet $100 to win $700
Brian Billick +800 Bet $100 to win $800
Gregg Williams +1000 Bet $100 to win $1000
Ron Meeks +1200 Bet $100 to win $1200
Steve Mariucci +1500 Bet $100 to win $1500
Russ Grimm +2000 Bet $100 to win $2000
Jim Fassel +2500 Bet $100 to win $2500
Sherm Lewis +3000 Bet $100 to win $3000
Joe Gibbs +5000 Bet $100 to win $5000