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Daily Slop: Redskins Lose - Same Story, Different Day

"You keep seeing the same thing, we keep talking about, but I don't know what it is. Just finish it up...I mean, I was just trying to make a play," Landry said. "It wasn't my responsibility. I was just at the right place at the right time when he made the catch." 

Because those organizations know that if one of the teams with the largest payrolls in the league has now lost nine straight games on the road, something beyond torn cartilage and bad luck is wrong...When is a genuine playmaker -- a move-the-needle type threat, not a space-holder until the established starter returns -- going to suit up in burgundy and gold and shock the masses, pull off, not put off, victory? 

[WaPost: Mike Wise]

This quote by Laron Landry is maddening. It's his missed tackle (AGAIN) that changed momentum and set up the win. Take a look in the mirror, Laron. You should be ashamed of your play and your lack of ability to create turnovers.

"Jason isn't the problem," Cartwright said. And quarterback, as this close battle with the Eagles showed again, isn't the position that needs to be fixed first. [WaPost: Tom Boswell]

Marshall Faulk Calls out Albert Haynesworth [WaPost: Steinberg]

"The thing is, any time that you're the Washington Redskins and you come in as a free agent, and guess what, you miss the Dallas game and now you're about to miss the Philadelphia Eagles game?" Faulk began. "You can't miss games in the NFC East when they pay you $100 million. You've got to tape it up."

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb said, "We knew we could do it" about scoring the final 11 points to win. That says it all. The Redskins didn't scare McNabb. They're not scaring anyone. [WaExaminer: Rick Snider]

And another non-winning season under Dan Snyder is ensured; that's eight such seasons in his 11 years as owner. [WaExaminer: John Keim]