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Redskins vs Eagles Red Zone Preview

The Skins are coming off a tough loss to the Cowboys and now have to face an explosive Eagles offense without DeAngelo Hall and most likely Haynesworth. I have the sick feeling that Sunday's game will be exactly like watching the 2008 Redskins. ZERO pass rush. 

Bleeding Green Nation had an interesting stat regarding their red zone:

The stat of the week comes directly from the NFL's PR department, who sent out a press release about the importance of good cover corners. In that release, they listed the players with the most passes defensed since 2000.

Number one was Asante Samuel with 101. Who was number 2? Sheldon Brown with 88.


Carlos Rogers and Fred Smoot will get the starts. I just don't see how the Skins can blitz and have Carlos and Smoot keep up with their WRs. The interesting thing is the Redskins were 2-3 in red zone efficiency in their last matchup and the Eagles had 0 red zone trips. if Landry normally plays 30 yards off the ball, will he play 50 yards off for this week?

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