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Remembering Sean Taylor...

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We certainly weren't going to let today go by without stopping to remember #21. We've linked a bunch of tributes and added in our interviews with Coach Larry Coker and Butch Davis from Sean's time at the U.

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Coach Butch Davis:

When I recruited Sean, my son went to the same school as Sean. So, I was over at Gulliver a lot picking up my son and wathing him practice. I'll never forget the year we recruited Sean, he scored 5 TDs in the championship game as the Running Back. That was one of the things people don't realize in games. They see an interception by Sean Taylor in college and the NFL and they didn't realize they just threw the ball up to one of the country's best running backs.

Coach Larry Coker:

We had one Thursday practice where we were getting ready to go up to Tallahassee and play Florida State. Sean was having a bad practice, and I didn’t feel like he was giving a great effort, so I called the team together. I said, 'Sean, you need to pick it up. I'm not taking you to Tallahassee. I'm leaving you at home.' It was an intense little discussion on Thursday. We finished it up and had a good practice. You know, you might want to look this up, I think he had 3 interceptions and returned one for a touchdown. He did about five things; he really won the game. Some of the coaches were saying, "Coach, I'm really glad you brought Sean today." It was a great head coaching decision on my part [laughing]. I hope you can find the stats on that because it was a phenomenal day. It rained the entire day in Tallahassee. It was a game we weren't suppose to win.  We had lost our starting running back [Frank Gore] the week before. We were pretty heavy underdogs in Tallahassee. Sean went out and won the game for us.