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Daily Slop: Cowboys Loss Still Stings

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#66 was illegally downfield when the Cowboys scored their touchdown [ExtremeSkins]
(Everyone, including the Skins coaches seemed to miss it but NFL Live did not. Even odder, #66 is not even listed on Dallas's roster)

Refs improperly spotted ball for Suisham's 50-yard kick [ExtremeSkins]

Are the Redskins Losing Washington? [Wall Street Journal]

"I find it very difficult to root for the Redskins these days," he says. "A team should stand for something ... the Washington fans are great, but Snyder doesn't deserve them." -Virginia Congressman Jim Moran        

John Riggins throws Wade Phillips under the bus [You Tube]
(I've been doing it for 2 years now)

Awesome collection of photos from Brian Murphy, incl Cowboys' Cheerleaders [Flickr

Snyder told Lavar to piss on the Cleveland Browns logo before drafting him [YouTube]
(Gotta give it to Snyder, he knows how to sell a deal to get what he wants)

Lavar explains the dirty negotiating the Redskins employed for his contract. "I was hustled." [YouTube]

Laron Landry on Roy Williams:

"I can say it right now: Yeah, he was scared. I told him he was scared." [whsv]

Eagles are 9 point favorites vs Skins [scoresandodds]
(After the disappointing loss, I think the team packs it in. Defense has to be fed up)

Mangini claims Lions faked injuries to slow no-huddle offense. Schwartz calls Mangini a liar. []

Hogs Haven now on Kindle []

Pats fans continually set off the alarm of opposing team's hotels [Yahoo]

Mangini open to Lebron playing for the Browns [espn]