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Redskins Defeat Themselves; Cowboys Win By Default

Well, any chances of Zorn keeping his job just went out the window. Ever since play-calling was stripped, Zorn's only job is managing the game, and he failed miserably on Sunday. But first, let's start with the field goal attempt to end the half were Zorn decided to kick the FG from the Dallas 20 with 0:15 seconds left. Most people are livid Zorn didn't take a shot at the end zone, but I actually was OK with it. 

Let's be realistic. With this offensive line, what are the chances Campbell would have enough time to let the WRs get to the end zone to make a throw? What in our WR staff would make you think they could get open? Skins were on the road. It's a chip shot. Cowboys get booed miserably going into half down 6-0. 

Sellers: If you go for the end zone and it get's picked, then everyone complains, "Why didn't you kick the FG? Suisham is a perfect 100%."

Going back to Zorn's mismanagement. With one timeout already burned in the 2nd half, with 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter, Zorn calls timeout due to the play clock running down. How in the hell is a 5-yard penalty worth more than 2nd half timeout?? Next play...incomplete pass. It's so maddening and of course the timeout burned the Redskins at the end getting the ball back with only 7seconds versus at least 32 seconds.

Zorn in the post game: "I screwed us out of that timeout. It's on me....I really don't know how it happened, because I felt like we got the play in, I felt like we were out of the huddle, and we were down to :01 [on the clock] before we knew it. Absolutely have no idea how that happened. Because we were moving in and out of the huddle pretty well then. "

That quote really reminds me of Spurrier. Seriously, coach? Game management is your ONLY responsibility and these mistakes are noticeable weekly. It's costing the Redskins games. How is Zorn not keeping an eye on the clock at all times? He doesn't have to call plays!

It's obvious the defense has had enough being the only side that carries their weight. Fletcher and Jerry Gray both threw the defense under the bus in post-game interviews...

Kelli Johnson: What would you have done different in that final drive where you gave up the TD?

Jerry Gray: Intercepted the ball earlier in the game...we held them to 7 points. When you only have two field goals that's going to hurt you in the long run.

Greg Blache isn't the only one facing some criticism. 106.7 reported from the locker room:

"Defensive player post-game was frustrated they did not blitz more. Said they had it in gameplan to do more. Defensive player told me about not blitzing that Greg Blache does what he is comfy with and that's rush 4 & cover."    

After seeing what Green Bay did Romo with blitzes, and the fact Romo said he was playing through "burning" pain from being kneed in the back, it's very frustrating that Blache made things easier for Romo, one of the best pocket passers in the league. I really can't blame the players. I can't think of one Redskin that did not give it their all yesterday, except for Suisham who clearly lost focus doing that 6 minute referee timeout.

There are a lot of awards to go around:

- Rock Cartwright...140 all purpose yards.
- Levi Jones...did you hear DeMarcus Ware's name called at all? Kept Jason's blind-side safe.
- Devin Thomas...he seems to get it now
- Joe Bugel...seriously. He is working miracles.
- Campbell...13-13 on third down passes.

Always critical Lavar on the loss: 

@LaVarArrington  sure they had missed opportunities but they should have won that game first time in a long while i was proud to be a former skins player