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New Miss Fedex Field 2009 Candidate

Miss Fedex challenger, Dannia, (on the right).
Miss Fedex challenger, Dannia, (on the right).

Back by popular demand, it's time to meet our first challenger in the Miss Fedex 2009 competition, Dannia.This past Sunday's game at Fedex was a glorious day. I went 5-2 in tailgate beer pong (which is not that great), the Skins won, the Redskins band did their post-game jam (every win outside section 111), and of course the weather was warm, which means lots of Miss Fedex candidates. Let's meet Dannia (more pictures after the jump):

Hogs Haven: How long have you been a Redskins fan and what is your favorite Redskins moment?

Dannia: I'm pretty sure I was a Skins fan in my mother's womb. My favorite Redskins moment was last season when we beat the Cowboys IN Dallas for the first time in forever - Campbell threw two touchdown passes and Portis ran for 121 yards.

Hogs Haven: Who is your favorite Redskins player and why?

Dannia: Tough question! I love the way London Fletcher leads the team's defense, but Chris Cooley exerts the most effort and has a huge impact on the team's success.

Hogs Haven: If you could go on any date with a Redskin, who would it be and where would you go?

Dannia: Jason Campell is a hottie and seems like a sweetheart... completely my type. I am not sure how well the date would go seeing as how he does not take criticism very well. He complains in the papers about all the criticism he gets... would I be able to correct his table-manners? Could I correct his acts of chivalry... or lack-thereof? I am not high maintenance. An ideal date for me would be a chill sports bar where we can kick it, throw back some ice cold bruskees and eat some buffalo wings.

Maybe Campbell will read this and dump his current girlfriend, Miss DC 2007 for me. Can you see it now? REDSKINS QUARTERBACK JASON CAMPBELL DUMPS MISS DC 2007 for MISS FEDEX FIELD 2009!

Hogs Haven: What should happen to Coach Zorn at the end of the year?

Dannia: Well, they have already stripped him of some key duties and the chances of the Redskins continuing with the same situation next year is unlikely. He needs to get the boot. Call me crazy, but I'm all for bringing Joe Gibbs back for a trillionth time.

Hogs Haven: If you got to meet Dan Snyder, what would you say to him/want to talk about?

Dannia: How bout... "Your the worst thing that ever happened to Washington, DC". No but really, I'd want to talk to him about what career he plans on pursuing after he steps down next year (wishful thinking!!). I would also tell him he needs to hire a better publicist, i.e. myself -

Current reigning Miss Fedex: Sabrina [click for pics/profile]


More pictures of each candidate after the jump...


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