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Daily Slop: Bingo!!!!!

Haynesworth's Mom gives Zorn a pep-talk phone call [Insider]

Todd Yoder explains his TD and mohawk cutter [Skins blog]

"Actually, it's kinda funny, that play," Yoder said. "Really I'm supposed to help block down and seal the edge, and I really didn't have anybody to block, 'cause [my guy was] the guy that spiked across the front. And I was just like, 'Well, might as well just get over here and get open,' and he found me."    

(With appears Campbell CAN find open receivers.Thank you Levi Jones)

Andre Carter & Brian Orakpo have a healthy competition [Insider]

Sellers drops a 'Cowgirls' reference [Bog]

Ladell Betts nickname is 'L-Boogie' [Bog]
(The way he's running, I can live with that)

Redskins players video chat with the troops [cooley zone]

Things I like:

Carlos Rogers getting benched. It shows discipline and that your right to be on the field is earned, not given. Having said that, I hope he starts next week.

Zero turnovers and only 2 penalties. Coaches are getting through.

We have a new Miss Fedex contestant, post coming soon

Things I don't like:

Zorn was quoted saying that Portis will be the #1 back when he's ready to play again.