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Friday Night "Mights" - Washington Redskins vs. Carolina Panthers

Holy crap...does anyone else feel like their nads are getting pummeled like a heavy bag by a professional boxer? (For Kevin, more like the little mini-bag that hangs from the ceiling.) Just when you thought this franchise was in enough disarray with a 2-2 record, a beleaguered coach, a mediocre quarterback, a lackluster running game, an unproven batch of second-year receivers, an underachieving defense, a pissed off defensive coordinator, a clueless owner, and a no-account, sad-sack, miserable SOB for a "GM"...Snyder and Cerrato show the world their ass by proving that there is no lesson they can't forget (by hiring Sherman Lewis to consult.)

Let me be clear: this move has all kinds of "right" to it. This team needs help. Zorn could use a hand. This offense is stuck in idle. The way that Cerrato and Snyder went about this could not have been more stupid if they had done it while dancing naked in front of the White House. How do you bring in a guy to consult on the offense without first consulting your offensive staff? You know as well as I do that Snyder could have done this in a way that maybe put Zorn in the driver's seat on the decision. A statement by Zorn that went something like, "Nobody is more qualified to watch some tape and offer some constructive criticism than my dear friend Sherman Lewis"  would have worked just fine. There may have still been some heat, but it would not be like it is now.

I honestly believe Snyder wants Zorn to succeed. After all, he made the call to hire him. To me, this move is Snyder giving Zorn as much possible help as he can find--just in the most asinine way. If it wasn't Snyder and Cerrato, nobody would even believe that our next coach could be promoted from Head Bingo Caller at the senior center. But because of their stellar reputation, people actually believe Sherman Lewis is a threat to succeed Zorn--possibly by season's end. I don't, but it possible? Absolutely. Every day seems like Snyder's first day on the job.

All this said, we still get a chance to go to 3-2 on the year and take out our frustration on another weak team. With this week's turmoil, the "Mights" are a little different.

1) Stay focused on the game.Between the whistles, everyone is capable of beating everyone in the NFL (look at the Lions...hahaha...oh wait...damn it.)

2) Adopt the old "us-against-the-world" attitude...and fast. Because it is quickly turning into that. It is time to do it for your teammates.

3) Play 4 quarters. Get your foot on their neck early, and don't let up until the final whistle. Punch them in the mouth.

4) No sideline bickering.This week's news of Malcolm Kelly complaining, and CP and Sellers getting into it are troubling. At 3-2, we would still be VERY much in play (assuming some momentum starts forming.)

5) Remember that us fans are rooting for the players in pads and helmets, not the idiots wearing suits in the owner's box. We have not given up on this team. Please don't give up on yourselves.


Big win this week...gotta go and get it. Players win games...not owners and not "GMs".