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Redskins Front Office and Coaching Staff Out of Sync (Still)

On the defensive side of the ball, Hogs Haven reader 'Boo.' mentioned that Blache will no longer be talking to the media and secondary coaches Jerry Gray will take over.

On the offensive side of the ball, some discouraging quotes are coming out of Redskins Park on the hiring of Sherman Lewis. Via the Washington Post:

"I don't know what my role will be," said [Sherman] Lewis, 67, a longtime NFL coach and disciple of the West Coast offense.

"I don't think he's going to tell us something we don't already know," offensive coordinator Sherman Smith said. "I think we're doing the scheme the right way. If he sees something in our scheme that we don't see, I hope he'll tell us. That'll help us."

Asked how much he spoke with Lewis before the job was offered, Zorn said, "Zero." Zorn said he'll be receptive to Lewis's suggestions, but said the idea to add a consultant to the staff was Vinny Cerrato's, the Redskins' executive vice president of football operations, not his.

I recently wrote an article after the Lions loss to "Blow it Up." Well, it sounds like it's happening internally via a team implosion. I can't imagine what the players are thinking. How do you not include your head coach in the hiring of an assistant that he will have to work with? Makes no sense.

Portis has been trying his best not come clean about the Lewis hiring, instead, he's been playing dodge ball with responses like this:

"I don't know, you've got to ask general management about that, you know? I don't know much about the situation."

Portis has been in this organization long enough. I think he knows this situation all too well.