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5 Questions With the Carolina Panthers Blogger

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OK. So the Redskins are playing another winless team. Who doesn't feel good about this one besides me? At Carolina. Steve Smith. DeAngelo Williams. Julius Peppers. I gave the SB Nation Panthers' blogger, Jaxon, 5 questions ranging from 'How does Delhomme still have a job?' to all the statistics of how a team with so much talent is winless. He also makes his prediction. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section, and he will respond (SB Nation is the greatest platform).

Hogs Haven: How is it that Jake Delhomme still has a job? (I feel like we've been asking this question for 3 years now). Can you pinpoint what has contributed to such a drop-off of a former Super Bowl QB, and do you feel like he can turn it around?

There are some Panther fans that ask that question routinely but for the most part we still feel he can lead this team to a winning season. As far as his problems, he's made some bad decisions but he isn't alone in taking blame for the turnovers. I think the problems are correctable and yes, he certainly can turn it around. Panther fans really have no choice but to be patient since we have no better choice on the bench. Can you relate?

Hogs Haven: How is it a team with such great weapons (DeAngelo Williams, Steve Smith, Julius Peppers) is 0-3 and averages only 12.3 points per game offensively? 

That's easy. 11 turnovers in 3 games would kill any offense. Combine that with a rushing defense giving up 180 yards per game and you have the formula for an offense that can't afford mistakes. If the Panthers can limit their turnover and in turn run the ball more they should put themselves in better position to win.

Hogs Haven: What are the weaknesses in the Panthers defense that can explain why they are 5th worst in the league giving up 21.3 first downs per game?

It started with the loss of DT Maake Kemoeatu on the first day of training camp then included two more DT's lost for the season. Fortunately the Panthers signed Hollis Thomas last week to fill the empty slot up front. Beyond that we are also frustrated with the soft zone coverage and lack of a pass rush allowing QB's leisure time to complete 3rd down passes. The Panthers have also played some pretty offenses the first three weeks (Eagles, Falcons, Cowboys)

Hogs Haven: Is John Fox on the way out? (And if so, is it one of those situations it's easier to fire the coach?) I've always thought he was a great coach.

Fox seems safe for now, but if he fails to turn around this season to at least respectability he could be in danger. If the losing continues though all bets are off.

Hogs Haven: Can we expect a 4th s traight game where Steve Smith is verbally reaming Delhomme on the sidelines? What are the fans take on this?

Smitty is always high-strung on the sideline, particularly when they're losing. He still has confidence in Delhomme as does the rest of the offense. Smitty isn't without his faults either. His last-minute decision to break off a route resulted in the pick 6 that sealed the loss to the Cowboys. We figure as long as Smitty isn't punching somebody everything is fine.

I don't think we'll see the sideline blow ups this week. Coming off a bye week we are expecting several starters back in the line-up. Combine that with the Thomas acquisition and a home crowd sure to be fired up and the Panthers are feeling loose. The Redskins better bring their A game!

Hogs Haven: your prediction?

Hmmm...You will certainly disagree but Panthers 27 Skins 13    

It's sad, but I do agree with that score.