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Daniel Snyder Was in the Running to Bring Baseball to D.C.

As the hostility between Redskins' fans and Dan Snyder reaches new levels hourly, I was quite surprised to find an article stating Dan Snyder was one of the investors trying to move the Expos to Washington DC back in 2003. 

[BET founder Robert] Johnson plans to purchase 51% of the Expos, leaving baseball with the remaining 49%. Over the next three or four years, he and the remainder of his ownership group, which includes Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, would purchase the remaining 49% of the team. Johnson and Snyder would also form a joint venture to create a regional cable television sports network delivering professional football and baseball content to the Beltway.     

My head is about to explode trying to visualize what the Nationals and Nationals Park experience would be like today if Snyder owned the Nats. Here's what I'm thinking:

- The "Red Loft" and "Red Porch" bars would of course be named something idiotic like the "Geico Loft" and the "Taco Bell Porch"

- Inaugural season roster would have been in the $180 million range and included everyone in the steroids era, much like when Monty Burns put together his softball league.


- The pick used to draft Ryan Zimmerman would not have existed because it would have been traded for the rights to acquire Albert Belle

- Additional $2 "transportation" fee added to every ticket since majority fans avoid parking and take the Metro 

- Rain coats are not allowed in the stadium, but umbrellas and ponchos are available for a nominal $4 each.

- Local food varieties such as Ben's Chili Bowl, Five Guys, and Hard Times Cafe will be replaced by Johnny Rockets and Hooters

- Pictures with the Nationals Mascot, "Screech brought to you by Bank of America," cost: $5 for adults....$3 for kids...$1 if it's the kid's birthday

- Deion Sanders signed to play center field. 6-year deal for $62.2 million ($44 guaranteed)

- Anti-Nationals Foam fingers will not be allowed since they could result in someone getting poked in the eye

What other ones can you think of?