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Cerrato Continues Defending Himself Regarding the Redskins OL

Vinny Cerrato addressed reporters today, and his responses continue to baffle me. There is no doubt the Redskins made multiple mistakes not drafting linemen over the last several years. It was obvious to everyone when Samuels and Randy Thomas had season ending injuries last year. What is maddening is when someone refuses to admit their mistakes. It doesn't matter what field you work in, that's how you lose your job.

Question: Many players today have said that you didn't address the line. You knew it was a problem and you didn't address it. People around the league are saying it's one of the worst lines in the league. All that.

Vinny Cerrato: Who is people around the league?

Question: People on other teams. Commentators on TV. They say you haven't addressed the line.

Vinny Cerrato
: We tried to address the line. We added [Derrick] Dockery. We added Mike Williams. We attempted to, and when we were in the draft, there was nobody at No. 13 worthy of it.

Question: Are you having the results you wanted to?

Vinny Cerrato: No, we don't want to have sacks. So if it was Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas in there, would it be better? Absolutely. If you lose a Pro Bowler, it's definitely going to drop off. I guess where we're standing right now, to have more depth would be great.

Question: Is it too early to say that the line is going to be the team's main target in the offseason?

Vinny Cerrato: It's too early to tell.

: You had to think there was no way you were going to get 16 games out of Chris Samuels and Randy Thomas considering they had double surgeries in the offseason?

Vinny Cerrato: With Randy we anticipated, you know, not going 16 games. So we anticipated that part.

You anticipated Randy Thomas being out and you assume a 404 pound lineman who has been out of the league for two years is a safe bet?

Again, someone that refuses to admit their mistakes is not someone that can be trusted. Who is he trying to fool? It's OK to admit your mistakes Vinny, we all want to succeed, but if you don't prove to us that you're learning from your mistakes, then the hatred and "Fire Vinny!" signs will only get worse.