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Bill Simmons Comments on Redskins Woes, Not Fond of Dan Snyder

Bill Simmons signs a copy of his book and adds in his thoughts on the Redskins.
Bill Simmons signs a copy of his book and adds in his thoughts on the Redskins.

There's not much to say. Cooley is lost for the year and the Redskins predictably lost to the Eagles. Some friends I tailgate with decided to leave the game early since Bill Simmons was doing a book signing at the ESPN Zone downtown. Sounded like a good plan to me and off we went.

I have never experienced Fedex traffic before since I usually tailgate post-game, but oh man. It took us an hour to get out of the lot and we left at the beginning of the fourth. Anyway, we got to the ESPN Zone and the line outside stretched 4 people wide and two city blocks. I'm not much one for lines (since ESPN was about to close) and amazingly I walked straight up to Bill Simmons table without any hassle. (It helped that a friend was near the front by coincidence).

In our brief conversation I asked him what he would do if Dan Snyder invited him to his vacation house...and Simmons replied jokingly "kill him." He shares the sentiment of a lot of fans that the Skins need to "reset" and "get rid of everybody."

Haynesworth post-game: "Urgency, heart, 'want-to,' whatever. I don't know. We're lacking a lot of stuff right now...So once we get to that point, to where we wanna do something, then we'll do something. But if we just keep going our separate ways, then we'll just keep getting slaughtered like we have."

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The comedy and jokes were plentiful last night. There was Matt Millen's quote: "You can't blame people upstairs for Redskins problems." How does Millen have a job or any credibility to talk about personnel decisions?

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