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Monday Morning Quarterbacking - Getting Ready for Monday Night Redskins vs Eagles Game

We will put up our usual game thread for when gametime hits, but Kevin and I wanted to freshen up the debate for today with a few questions and thoughts to get it stirred up.


What do we expect out of Jason Campbell tonight? Are we going to be as pass-heavy with Sherm Lewis calling plays? Will our running game break 100 yards? Will our offensive line be a disgrace?


How many sacks do you see us getting? Will LaRon Landry make an impact on this game--in a positive way? Who is going to cover Brent Celek?

Special Teams

Will Randle El continue to be our Designated Fair Catcher? If Moss goes back to receive a punt, does he break it for a score?

I am hopeful that our defense and special teams can team up to win the battle for field position early. We simply have to have sacks and turnovers to win this game. I am little concerned about having Orakpo play anything but defensive end, since I think McNabb and Celek could probably run him off the field at this point in his linebacking career. Am I being too harsh there?

Time Outs

How many time outs will we have inside 2 minutes of each half? Am I the only one envisioning JC having to burn multiple time outs because the play-calling is less than smooth?


Have at it.