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Daily Slop: Riggins Continues to Bash Snyder and Provide Funnies

New Riggo Video Comparing Snyder to Madoff [DC Sports Bog]
(You have to see the end of this video...jail cell. Priceless.)

How to beat the Eagles' Zone Blitz in Interactive Form [WaPost]

Todd Herremans to play for likely to see time along with banged up Jason Peters on MNF []
(Eagles line is a patch job like the Redskins = lot of sack opportunities)

Riggins on WTOP [youtube] ... more great comedy

Zorn was castrated when they brought in Lewis...and now that Lewis is the play-caller, and the way the owner does things in Ashburn, they do it one testes at a time.

Justin Fargas believed pigeon on field was his deceased teammate [Yahoo]