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Daily Slop: Eagles are Worried About Their Team...Cry Me a River

Jason Campbell owns the Eagles []
(Campbell is 13-18 against the rest of the NFL since the start of 2007 but 3-1 vs. the Eagles with an 82.8 passer rating, 4 TDs and 1 interception. )

Sherman Lewis should be respected [Wilbon]

Campbell: "I was thinking that with a lot of young guys on the offensive line, and new faces, I felt like I had to make quicker decisions than usual, and sometimes that gets you in trouble. Instead of trying to do those things, I've got to just trust the guys and let them do their job, and I've got to do my job." [Insider]

Join Mike Wise and John Kent Cooke for online chat at 2:15pm [WaPost]

Chris Samuels is in Cali visiting specialist [WaTimes]

Zorn told Campbell he would likely start but told Collins to "be ready," [Insider]    
(Ugh...I feel bad for Jason at this point. I am now rooting against multiple faces of this team/coaching staff)

Will Witherspoon discusses his trade to Philly [BGN]
(Will added to start over struggling Trotter)

Breakdown every Philly defensive player vs Raiders []
(Philly is calling their D "shaky," yet they are still ranked 5th overall. Trotter has been a huge liability, so expect to see Witherspoon on Cooley and coverage plays)