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More Ways to Follow Hogs Haven

Hogs Haven on Sprint NFL Mobile Live
Hogs Haven on Sprint NFL Mobile Live

There is now another way for you to follow all the action here on Hogs Haven.  Sprint - the NFL's official telecommunications sponsor - is also now a proud sponsor of SB Nation and our content.

What's in it for you?  As part of SBN's deal with Sprint, many of our posts are now being fed to Sprint's NFL Mobile Live program that is available on most Sprint phones.  To access our content, just go to the Washington Redskins section of the program - where you will see "SB Nation" labeled as one of the headings.  Pretty cool, if you ask me.

As cool as that is, it only scratches the surface of what you can do with the NFL mobile live service. You can listen to live radio play by play of Redskins games, watch NFL Network live, as well see highlights from every game throughout the day. It's really an embarrassment of riches for NFL fans and if you're a big fantasy football guy it's absolutely invaluable. You can set alerts for all your players and it will keep you up to date on scoring, injuries, everything you'd want to know about them. That said, my fantasy team is in first place in the Hogs Haven Fantasy league at only loss being the week I forgot to set my lineup (had 4 guys on BYE. I have Favre, Adrian Petersen, Vikings D, and Matt Ryan).

Best part is NFL Mobile Live is free for Sprint customers.

Obviously Sprint is a sponsor, but I wouldn't be endorsing the product if it wasn't so impressive. I also am in no way forced to plug them. I think anyone who will use/has used the service will back up everything I've said about it. If you are a Sprint customer and have used NFL mobile live, let me know what you think in the comments.