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Jason Campbell Gets the Start (Most Likely)

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According to ESPN (and not the official Redskins blog), Jason Campbell will get the start vs the Eagles. This is not surprising given Campbell is the best QB the Redskins have right now. I can't help but think if Colt Brennan was active, would he be starting? Certainly the Fan Posts sections would be blowing up with the "START HIM!!" entries. I think at this point we're all in the same realization that it doesn't matter who we have under Center. This team is not going to beat anyone with the current Bingo caller play-caller or set of QBs.

On the Lavar Arrington show yesterday, Campbell said that in the past he was playing not to make mistakes, but given everything with being benched, he's just going to let it fly and be himself. Monday night for me marks week 1 for Jason Campbell. Let him be himself and use his abilities. If it doesn't work, fine, but trying to mold him into something he's not hasn't worked either. I'll never sit here and say Campbell's a pro-bowl QB, but let him play to his strengths.

I'm not sure if it was a dream or a thought I had, but I was thinking Jim Zorn should play QB this week. He seems to be the only one that can run his offense mistake free, so let's see how he does with this offensive line. Perhaps it would have been better to have DEs running untouched at Jason Campbell during training camp instead of 14 ounce rubber balls.