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Fans to Have a Voice in Hall of Fame Voting

Even though it has no "official" bearing on the NFL's Hall of Fame voting, the NFL has teamed up with Van Heusen and JC Penny to put together a Hall of Fame fan vote.  It marks the first time in which the NFL has at least recognized fan voting in regards to the Pro Football Hall of Fame - even if it has no real impact on the actual Hall of Fame voting.

Regardless, it's still a pretty cool idea and gives us all a chance to cast our "Hall of Fame votes" and let our voices be heard.  Currently, the top five in the voting are Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Cris Carter, Shannon Sharpe, and Ray Guy.  There are a bunch of Redskins in the list, and it is a way to let the HoF know that some of our guys are getting disrespected (after all, Peter King only uses his picks for the super stars, not the true winners like the Hogs).

Redskins fans know a few things about dominating fan votes (Pro Bowl last year), so lets do it again. Major Redskins up for consideration:

Russ Grimm, Joe Jacoby, Gary Clark, Jim Lachey, Ken Harvey, Joe Theismann, Doug Williams, Jack Kent Cooke, Gerald Riggs, Larry Centers, and B-Mitch (who goes into the Skins Ring of Fame this Monday night).

Skins I probably won't be voting for include Irving Fryar, Andre Reed, Reggie Roby, and Rich Gannon.

To cast your vote, just click here.  The results of the vote will be announced on NFL Network just hours before the official results are announced.