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Pour Some Sugar On Me - Redskins Offense, Front Office, and Trade Winds (Things That Blow)

As the NFL trade deadline approaches, I wonder about the team's chance to strengthen its future by trading a player or two off of the current roster. Two things that have plagued this team's ability to get better through trades are the absurdity of the contracts Redskins players carry and the notion that so many players are considered untouchable by the organization.

The rumor mill has Anthony Montgomery on the block. There's some good news and bad news when Vinny decides a player is available to be traded. The good news is that most other general managers in the league probably could care less what Vinny's opinion of a player is when evaluating possible trades with this team. The bad news is that if Vinny doesn't want you on a team that can not afford to lose a single guy with even a shred of talent, you might not get us anything in the way of a trade.

If we truly care about the immediate and long-term future of this team, we have to be willing to trade some players who still have some tread left on their tires. We need to be willing to unload a player who can actually help the team he is going to in return for a much needed draft pick or two. The following are just a few guys I think we should try and trade off in the hopes they net us some valuable picks for next year or even the following year. Let's assume for a moment that these guys could be traded without incurring some kind of debilitating salary cap situation this year.

Antwaan Randle El- I have spent more time bashing the decision to keep him and play him than most other topics. So who do I expect would take this player? A smart team that has the luxury of using him the way he needs to be used and isn't stacked with young, raw talent that needs to get on the field to develop. Look around the league and you see guys like Eddie Royal, Wes Welker, Lance Moore, and even a Johnny Knox and you see how teams are utilizing smaller, speedier receivers out of the slot. RandleEl would be a useful addition to a team in contention that could use him solely in that role. If this team had a few more wins, we could all live with leaving Thomas and Kelly on the bench so that Randle El could find the hole in the middle of the field to help move this offense. But we are already losing, so we absolutely have to spend the rest of the year getting our younger players on the field so that when they bring in the next coaching regime, they know who they have. What would I expect in return for ARE? I think a 5th or 6th rounder that could move higher based on ARE's production over the remainder of the season would be fair.

London Fletcher- This is borderline blasphemous as he is one of if not THE best defensive player we have. That is kind of the point. There has to be a team out there willing to pay us something valuable in return for one of the surest tacklers in the league. He is a player that could absolutely help a team not only make the playoffs but get deep into the postseason. You look at a team like the patriots signing Junior Seau off of the street yet again andyou have to wonder if they would part with one of their million draft picks to have Fletcher in their fold. If a team like that became involved in the discussions for Fletcher, I would bet we could get at least a 4th rounder, with a possible condition escalating that pick based on London's performance.

Shaun Suisham - Just kidding.

Carlos Rogers- His situation is interesting and is actually the same as Jason Campbell's situation. If next year is an uncapped year, neither will be unrestricted free agents due to their lack of the requisite service they would need to qualify (six years.) Rogers is a capable corner, though not an elite cover guy. Either way, he is unhappy, and has postured in the past for a better deal. He could help a team in the secondary for sure and we know that cornerbacks are valuable trading pieces. I would think we could get a conditional 2nd or 3rd roundpick from a team in contention needing to boost their secondary. Even for a guy with no ability to catch the ball.

10 Yard Fight - Ten Chances To Make One Good Point

1) At least we aren't alone when it comes to losing because of red zone difficulties. Matt Forte and the Bears really pulled a Plaxico near the goal line against the Falcons (shot themselves in the foot/leg? can we pull that one back out and use it?) Jay Cutler led the team in rushing--he actually had more rushing yards than Michael Turner AND Matt Forte. You figure Minnesota and New Orleans are cruising for the bye right now, making these two teams probable participants in the wild card round. I wondered how a team led by defense and a punishing run game would blend in Jay Cutler. The question now is how can they blend a running attack into the "Jay Cutler Show" so that if/when they get to the playoffs they have a chance?

2) I was more wrong about the Broncos than I have been about anything football related since I made the bold prediction that Steve Spurrier would succeed at the professional level. I'm sorry, football gods. Hey, I was right about Rich Kotite!?! (sorry, inside joke between me and the football gods.)

3) So I was watching as much of the Bills/Jets game as I could stomach after getting home from my Redskins nightmare and it was like watching a pee-wee game, except not as fun. I had Mark Sanchez, Leon Washington, and Dustin Keller going for me in fantasy, so the overtime period provided an opportunity for me to eek out a few more precious points. Holy crap. The game reminded me of a buddy I had in college who was one of those guys that girls really liked, but he liked beer better. So in order for a girl to have a chance with him, she would have to drink until like 3 or 4 AM. We would watch it go down like it was the Discovery channel. She would be sitting next to him on the couch, desperately trying to stay conscious and he would be sitting there chain-drinking Natural Light cans. Who would win? All he had to do was put the beer down and he had a girl. All she had to was pass out and she could keep her dignity. Both parties were oblivious to this though, much like the Jets and Bills were oblivious to that which would get them the win.

4) I did not see the Patriots/Titans epic, but when I heard that Tom Brady blew up in the snow, I thought, "That's not very nice. Isn't it enough he bangs supermodels and actresses? Beating on a helpless team like that just doesn't seem sporting." When the Titans put Vince Young back in, will it be must-see TV?

5) Oh Philly...Does anyone else out there think Philly losing to the Raiders is a joke God is playing on the Redskins? Because if we were only good enough to beat 3 of the winless teams we faced, we would be playing the Eagles for some actual love and respect next Monday. The Raiders were excellent at bringing down Donovan McNabb with just one guy. He always gets away from the first guy--especially against the Redskins--but the Raiders were able to get him to the ground with the first guy. Very impressive.

6) I thought I was a genius when I stashed away Matt Leinart on my fantasy roster. Kurt Warner is a thousand years old with the body and tread of a TWO thousand-year old dude, right? JEEZ...he just keeps on going. Hasselbeck came back down to earth after his break out game against the Jaguars. The NFC West is going to feature a very interesting, VERY watchable, battle between the 49ers and the Cards down the stretch.

7) Matt Schaub might be made out of glass, but when he stays in the game, he is a hell of a quarterback. Schaub and Coach Kubiak are once again showing that their offense is among the league's most high-powered. The question will become whether they can keep some momentum going. At 3-3, they have a lot of work to do if they want to factor in the AFC playoff picture.

8) Is there anything more enjoyable than watching the Saints on offense? (Unless your team is playing against them of course.) Drew Brees is amazing. Would you rather have him, Peyton or Brady? I am going with Brees. If he can get this team into the Super Bowl, he punches his ticket to Canton.

9) Speaking of Canton, Brett Favre did it again. The way he has been making headlines with his late-game heroics, you might think this Vikings team is potentially vulnerable. But the defense is sound, and as long as Peterson is healthy, that offense is super nasty. Brett Favre is just doing what he does and it has been the perfect addition to what they already had. No way this team has 6 wins without Favre, but they probably have 3-4.

10) The Jaguars came close to doubling up the Rams in time of possession and total yards, yet still needed overtime to dispense with winless team from St. Louis. Garrard had over 300 yards in the air, MJD had over 130 yards on the ground, and Sims-Walker had 120 yards receiving...yet they still needed overtime to beat the Rams. Wow.

Give Me the Numbers, STAT!

I know loose lips sink ships, but as a dedicated reporter, I simply had to publish this: Here are the first ten scripted plays for the Redskins this Monday night against the Iggles: