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Daily Slop: Team Is Sick of Zorn Limbo with Media

Starting OL roster vs the Chiefs:

Stephon HeyerDerrick DockeryCasey RabachWill Montgomery, and Mike Williams

Morale in Ashburn is very, very low [Insider]

Team backs Zorn - Wants Snyder to say Zorn is Coach for all of 2009 [espn]

I think the blame lies with us. I think we're the ones out there playing every day, practicing, trying to do the right thing, but I don't know if we've got the right personnel here to do it. -DeAngelo Hall [Insider]    

DT Anthony Montgomery being shopped around [Insider]

Playing time vs. Panthers [WaTimes]
(Despite being on the field a combined 53 times, Devin Thomas & Malcolm Kelly still struggle)
(Tryon on the field for almost 25% of the plays)

Redskins NOT interested in Brady Quinn [Insider]

Michael Crabtree to make his 1st start Oct. 25 vs the Texans [espn]

Percy Harvin has injured shoulder [espn]