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Redskins Positives Going into Week 6 vs the Chiefs (Stats)

Ken and I had a long chat yesterday discussing our vision of how to fix the Redskins (realistically) and how to approach this situation as a fan. It goes back to his earlier post of "the Revolution." More on that later today.

With everyone throwing the Redskins under the bus, there are some rays of light statistically. 

London Fletcher - 59 tackles (1st)
DeAngelo Hall - 3 INTs (2nd tied)
Andre Carter - 3.5 sacks (tied for 14th)
Brian Orakpo - 2.5 sacks (tied for 28th)

Jason Campbell - 16th ranked QB (88.5 rating)
  - 6th most accurate QB (66.7%)
  - 6th most 1st downs (61)
  - 11th in completions (98)
  - Tied for 11th yards per pass 7.5 

Campbell was able to achieve these solid numbers despite being the 6th most sacked QB with 13 sacks. (Aaron Rodgers has been sacked an astounding 20 times yet still boasts a 101.1 QB rating). Campbell at times has held on to the ball too long, but again has to manage a game with a poor line and no help from Malcolm Kelly; however, the Redskins are getting the ball more down field this year. He is tied with Tom Brady with eleven 20+ yard passing plays. It's expected these numbers will drop with the loss of Chris Samuels, but if Portis is ineffective running the ball, why not keep him in to block and have Campbell throw the rock 40+ times!?

Redskins Team Stats:

- Offense: Penalties (Tied for 9th with 26) - Shows discipline
Ironically...Skins are 4th ranked defense again (290.8 yards per game)
- Defense: Points per game allowed (5th with 16.4)
- Defense: Passing -  (3rd at 6.5 per play) and have allowed zero 40+ passes

It's amazing that the Skins defense is ranked top 5 despite being on the field the 7th longest (32:05 per game). Looking at the stats, the offensive and defense can be effective, they just need to piece it together and quick.

Special Teams: Skins rank 31st in punts with a 40.8 average, but they're holding them to an average of 3 yards a return, which puts their net average punt in the middle of the pack.

The common defense is that we've amassed these stats against horrible teams, but I'm starting to sway that there isn't really a large drop off from the worst team in the league to the best. The Lions played the Steelers close last week, and the Chiefs played the Cowboys close. I of course realize that the Redskins have a ton of coaching issues, but those are limiting the Skins ability to blow out teams, not to beat them.