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Daily Slop: Hog(s) Haven on NBC

Chris Samuels discusses his injury (video) [DC Sports Bog]

Hogs Haven on NBC4 news (Video) [Bog] (Thanks hibachi for the link)
(They cut out pretty much everything from my 10 minute interview. I was hoping my one metaphor made it.

Me: "When you continually bring in high-priced agents, it's going to set high expectations. We feel like the little kid at Christmas who was promised a Wii, but when the time came, we got Boggle")

Chase Daniel waived by Saints to make room for K []

Rumorville of Gruden to the Skins [otr sports]
(You have to check out this picture/caption of Snyder....HYSTERICAL)

Matt Jones works out with Bucs [espn]
(Sales of cocaine in Ybor City rise slightly)

Brady Quinn puts his house on the market in CLE [espn]
(It's like "Jay Cutler the Baby Part II"....except Cutler is good)

Jon Gruden to Louisville? [Louisville-Courier]
(Deal worth reported $3.6/year. This should squeeze another $2 mil out of Snyder)

David Tyree signs with the Ravens [WaTimes]

A minor league team run by Online Voting [Project Franchise]