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State of the (Redskins) Nation

With the Redskins in disarray, several friends of mine have sworn off following the Redskins the rest of the year, and even one switching to the Ravens. At this point, I wanted to ping the community and get a feel for how bad things are, or if it's just fans being emotional and something that will pass.

1.) Do you own season tickets, and if so, would you ever hand them in? (For those that don't have tickets, would you ever buy them if your name came on the list for decent view uppers or corner lowers)?

2.) Would you ever team change loyalty given Snyder is not likely to change his ways of controlling the front office and Cerrato seems to have job security?

3.) If the Skins continue at this rate, do you foresee yourself participating in anything to send a message to the front office, whether it be paper bags or something else?

4.) Are you going out of your way to not spend money on official Redskins gear or concessions sold at Fedex?

I of course will always defend the team and remain loyal, but my patience is certainly thin.